On-screen editing/copy-editing


As your on-screen editor/copy-editor, I make sure that your text is correct in terms of spelling and grammar and that it is easy to read so that its intended readership can fully understand and appreciate your ideas and the message you are trying to convey.


I also look out for and prevent potentially embarrassing errors of fact, alert you to any possible legal problems and make sure that the typesetter can do a good job.


Additionally, I will also:

  • adjust the writing style so that it fits its target audience, if required;
  • ensure clarity and consistency throughout the text;
  • apply an existing house style or create a style sheet, if needed;
  • suggest changes to figures, illustrations and tables, if needed;
  • query you about unclear sentences and passages in the text;
  • discuss any changes with you and agree with you on a final version of the text to be published.
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