I have edited a wide range of publications, including the following:


•   Books on endovascular surgery, cardiovascular physiology and tendinopathy;


•   Memoir of a retired GP;


•   Monograph chapters and journal articles on respiratory science;


•   PhD thesis on colorectal cancer;


•   Books on dental implantology;


•   Books on hypertension, paediatric dermatology and paediatric anaesthesiology;


•   Chapters 1–10 of Eosinophils in Health and Disease (Elsevier);


•   Various medical journals, including titles for SAGE Publications Ltd and Nature Publishing Group;


•   Doing Research with Children: A Practical Guide (3rd edition) by Anne D Grieg, Jayne Taylor and Tommy MacKay 


•   Doing Q Methodological Research: Theory, Method and Interpretation by Simon Watts and Paul Stenner 


•   Ten teaching units of the International Middle Years Curriculum for Fieldwork Education;


•   Several molecule pages of the UCSD-Nature Signaling Gateway (UCSD Signaling Gateway);


•   DVD-ROM of the intermediate-level, Italian language course L150 Vivace (The Open University);


•   The intermediate-level Italian language course L150 Vivace (The Open University);


•   Natural history book for BlueRed Press Ltd;


•   Chapters of the Oxford Textbook of Medicine, 5th edition (Oxford University Press).



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