Web editing and writing


The World Wide Web (WWW) differs from print and this difference affects how Web content is written and edited, from general page structure and layout, to how paragraphs, sentences and words are handled effectively.


Believe it or not, visitors use your website for its content rather than its technical frills (although good design is also important when putting together an effective website). Therefore, the Web editor's role is crucial in creating and maintaining this important content/textual element.


Ideally, the Web editor should become involved at the early stages of website creation. Although not essential, this is desirable to ensure that content is structured correctly from the very start and all the way through the editing process.


As your Web editor, I will:

  • edit text published in other media so that it can be published online;
  • understand the capabilities and limitations of Web technology and best exploit them as an editor for your benefit;
  • organize and structure your content for the WWW;
  • help you develop a website that draws visitors in;
  • structure and edit the content of your website so that visitors keep coming back to it.
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