Page proofs, draft Web pages or PDFs are the first (and usually the only) chance for authors and others involved in the publication process to see the text integrated with all the other elements (e.g. illustrations, figures, tables) before publication (or before "going live" in the case of a website).


As your proofreader, my role is to check that the copy-editor/on-screen editor, designer and typesetter have each done a satisfactory job, using good judgement in marking amendments, with a view to minimizing costs and delays.


When proofreading on screen, I use Adobe Acrobat's editing tools for PDFs; I use track changes when working with Word documents.


I can proofread "blind" or against copy. When proofreading on screen, I can return the amended proofs to you by email or I can upload them to your server. I can also upload the amended proofs to a file hosting service like Dropbox.


When proofreading your website, I will check every page and ensure that the text is free of spelling and grammatical errors, and that it is presented in a logical and consistent fashion. I will also check that all hyperlinks are functioning correctly and lead to the correct information.

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